Why Jesus?

Jesus is at the centre of the Christian faith. But who is he? Is his last name Christ?


For many ‘Jesus Christ’ is a swear word used out of habit without thinking, but Jesus is actually a real person who Christians know and love. It’s all about relationship - not duty or tradition, but a relationship with God.


The Bible is full of people getting to know God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the God of relationship. God loved the world so much that he showed us this by sending Jesus, His Son. Jesus teaches and shows us how to love God and each other. With God’s Holy Spirit He made it possible to really know God, even today. Through Him it is possible to be forgiven and to live a new life free from fear, shame and guilt. Life with Jesus is life lived to the full - a life that Christians celebrate in Jesus.


Why Jesus; why not?


But don’t just take our word for it! Come to St Andrew’s and get to know Jesus. Ask His followers here what Jesus means to them. Consider going on the next Alpha course or Christian explorers course, and look in to it all for yourself – ask at Church when the next course is running.



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