Baptism ("Christening") for children and adults

Child baptism

We are delighted you are considering baptism, and share your joy at the birth of your child.


With your help, baptism is the start of an exciting journey into the Christian faith. We at St Andrew’s are here to support you as you prepare for this important commitment.


We carry out baptisms on the first and third Sunday of the month, during the 9.45am service. The first step is to come to one of the services: you will be welcomed at the door by members of our Welcome Team, who will help you find your way around.  For a guide to coming to church for the first time, click HERE..


After the service speak to Kate,our vicar. She will discuss the baptism preparation course and arrange convenient dates. There are usually two preparation sessions.during which you will learn more about following Jesus and how you can support your child as he or she grows in faith.


Kate will also talk you through the Baptism Service, answer any questions you have and then arrange a date..


Baptism by Revd Chris Harrison
Godparents mark the sign of the cross
Vicar, Revd Kate Wyles baptises a child at St Andrew's parish church Goldswort Park
Lighting a candle for the baby!
Filling the font!
Parents and Godparents

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Click the picture to read our guide to coming to church for the first time.

Adult baptism

Adult baptisms are a great occasion at St Andrew’s and the whole church usually joins in the celebration.


We have a specially designed baptism pool: if you have not been baptised as an infant and would like to be baptised as a believer, you can choose to be baptised by full immersion in the pool.


It is also possible to be baptised from the font.


During the service there is an opportunity for you to declare your faith and perhaps say something of how you came to follow Jesus.

Baptism in pool at St Andrew's Goldsworth Park