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Clinics for NHS Hearing Aids at St Andrew's

Our popular free clinics for NHS hearing aids run by NHS-trained volunteers from St Andrew's are on the first Wednesday of each month, from 1pm-3pm. We can provide cleaning, retubing, trouble shooting advice for NHS hearing aids, as well as supplying NHS batteries and tubes.


There's no longer any need to make an appointment. Please bring the brown book or card issued by the hospital when you received your hearing aid(s), as it contains details of your hearing aid(s) and a maintenance record.


Our clinics have moved from within the main church building into our A2 Youth & Community Centre, where we more space to facilitate social distancing. The A2 is next to the church, on the far side when you approach from the main shoppers car park, where there is free parking for up to 3 hours.


When visiting us, don't forget to visit Andy's Community Cafe in the main church building, where you can enjoy superb barista coffees, a variety of teas and delicious snacks.


Supplies from your hospital


If you require supplies (NHS batteries, tubes, domes etc.) and are able to fit them yourself, you can use the hospital postal delivery service. You can request them by email, post or phone from the hospital where the NHS hearing aid was originally issued (see contact details below).

If you don’t know where your hearing aids were issued, contact the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. The audiology department at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, is closed until further notice and enquiries are being dealt with by the audiology department at Ashford Hospital.


When requesting by post please include your name, date of birth, and full address. If possible kindly include a self-addressed envelope with one large letter first class stamp.  For battery requests please state which type of batteries you need: size 13 (colour code orange), 675 (blue) or 312 (brown). Supplies will then be posted to you.



For hearing aid repairs please contact the hospital that issued your NHS hearing aid (see below). Audiologists are operating a postal and drop-in service for repairs, maintenance, cleaning and retubing. As the natue of these services has changed since the COVID pandemic, please visit the web site to see the current status. 


Hospital Contact Details


Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford (plus aids issued at Woking Nuffield Hospital)
Egerton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XX
Telephone: 01483 464108

Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals
Ashford: London Road, Ashford TW15 3AA
Telephone: 01784 884156
St Peter's: Guildford Road, Chertsey KT16 0PZ,



Frimley Park Hospital
Portsmouth Road, Frimley GU16 7UJ
Telephone: 01276 526998




Battery supplies only


Woking Community Hospital has a limited supply of batteries. Phone first to check they are in stock before making the journey.

Woking Community Hospital
Heathside Road, Woking. Surrey GU22 7HS
Telephone: 01483 715911


Tips to extend battery life

Don’t forget to switch off your hearing aids at night, by opening the battery doors and leaving them open overnight, otherwise they will continue to drain the battery through the night, even though you are not wearing them. 

You can extend battery life by up to two days by allowing them to fully activate before fitting in your hearing aid. When  a new battery is needed, remove the new replacement battery from the card, then peel off the orange sticker on the front of the battery to expose the three tiny holes on the surface of the battery. These holes allow air to enter the battery to fully activate it. Leave the battery with the holes exposed (holes facing upwards) for 3 to 4 minutes, during which time it will activate, before fitting into the hearing aid.

Check for the latest information

Please return to this page on the St Andrew’s church website regularly for any changes to this information. The web address is


Our clinic at St Andrew’s has consistently been the busiest from all those in the Diocese. In our first five and a half years of operation our clinic alone has satisfied 2500 visits by clients, many of whom visit us regularly. We have re-tubed over 2600 individual hearing aids and have issued well over 4000 packs of batteries.

Best wishes to you all, from the "Hearing Aid Team" at St Andrew's.

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