Small groups


We live our lives in Jesus every day of the week - not only in church on Sundays!


Our small groups are places to learn more, grow in faith, make friends and have fun together.


They include people of all ages and backgrounds and interests, and at all stages of faith,


They meet mainly in someone's home.  Most meet fortnightly and on most evenings of the week. But there are day time groups too, for mums and babies, and for older people.


A group might study a particular issue, guided by God's Word, possibly with the help of a prepared course including videos and guide books. They might investigate a part of what it means to be a Christian, such as prayer or caring for others.


Sometimes they serve the community together, sometimes they have meals together and sometimes they do something just for the fun of it!


But most of all, they grow to know God better, each other better, and learn how to be the people God created them to be: together!