Our church services

Since resuming Sunday worship after the shutdowns we have one Sunday service at 10am. This is an inspiring time of worship to lead us closer to the heart of God, concluding with Holy Communion.


In this service we aim to balance the styles of our two previous services (one band-led with mainly contemporary worship songs, the second was a more traditional service with hymns).

A staffed Crèche, Sunday Kids Clubs and a Youth Group run each week alongside the service.

We use a modern translation of the Bible (NLT). Sermons are illustrated with illustrations and video clips, where appropriate. Sermons often follow a theme over several weeks, and emphasise how God’s word can be applied to our lives today.

Prayer ministry is available after each service if you would like someone to pray with you.


Afterwards: a time to meet and greet


Unfortunately we are not yet able to serve coffee, tea and cakes in the church lounge after services, as we used to before the pandemic. However, you are welcome to use the church lawn after the service, to chat with other worshippers and perhaps make new friends. If wet, please meet in the Coffee Shop instead.


The words to songs and prayers are projected at the front - we don't use hymn or prayer books.

Sunday for Kids


Children and young people at
St Andrew's have lots of fun while
learning about Jesus and what

it means to be a Christian!


Our children's groups are known as SKIDS. They are led by our children and families worker, Karin Rayner, and her team.


We hope eventually to resume events for children and their families, such as family movie afternoons and the popular Summer Holiday Club,


Contact Karin via the CONTACT page or click the photos below to visit the CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES page.

Outdoor Church


In Summer our 10am service for all ages sometimes takes place outside – and usually with a bouncy castle!


It is often followed by a BBQ. Passers-by are welcome to join in the worship and fun as we witness openly to the love of Jesus.