Children's activities


Our Sunday children’s groups are called SKIDS and our slogan is: "Knowing, showing and sharing the love of Jesus".

We have five groups, for children aged 0-14. They meet during the 9.45am Sunday service, except on some special occasions when they join in with the church service .


Children aged 0-14 start within the church service at 9.45am, in our Worship Area (upstairs), then go downstairs and meet together in the coffee lounge before moving on to their groups.

Creche (for ages 0-3) is in the Chapel on the ground floor.

Children may go there before the start of the service so parents and carers can join in the worship at 9.45am., or take your child down when the other SKIDS groups leave.


Bubbles for age 3 to Reception year, meet in the side room of the Lounge.


Xplash for school years 1 to 5, meet in the Lounge

Fusion for school year 6-9, meet in the A2



Parents or carers should collect their children from the respective rooms after the end of the service.

Knowing, showing and sharing the love of Jesus